Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where are you located?
    I reside in Cape Coral
  • Where is your studio?
    My studio is just outside of Downtown Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Where do you shoot your sessions?
    I shoot all over Lee, Collier, and Charlotte Counties with Lee County being where I shoot most of my sessions. I am open to shooting sessions outside of these areas but I do have a travel fee for sessions outside of Lee County.
  • How long after our session will I receive my photos?
    I quote up to 4 weeks from the date you select the images for your gallery for you to expect to receive the completed gallery. I always strive to get the gallery done as quickly as I can, taking into consideration that I want your gallery to be perfect and don't want to rush through them. The reason it can take up to 4 weeks to receive photos is because I am shooting other sessions in between and editing other sessions from before your session. 
  • Do you have a facebook page?
    Yes! The link is
  • Do you help client's pick out outfits? 
    Yes! I'm happy to help you with your outfits and I also have a pinterest board dedicated to attire inspiration that can be seen here
  • Should I go to pinterest to look for session inspiration?
    NO! Please, no!  I label myself an artist and I can't be inspired to make your session magical by following a script of images you've found on pinterest, facebook, google, etc. Please leave the posing and image ideas to me! If there are things you want to incorporate please tell me. I am more than happy to use things you want in photos but I prefer to come up with my own images. I promise you the images you've seen on my page, which I assume is why you want to book, all came from inside my head.  
  • When will my sneak peeks be posted?
    I am a little different than some photographers when it comes to sneaks. To make sure I finish your gallery ASAP I do not post sneaks until I am almost done or am done with your gallery. This way I am not jumping around from session to session to get sneaks out and slow down gallery completion time. It helps me to get your entire gallery out sooner instead of just a few sneaks posted to facebook.
  • Are my photos done yet?
    If I haven't emailed you or messaged you that I am emailing your gallery out then no your gallery is not done yet.  I promise I am just as excited as you are for you to see the photos, unfortunately editing takes time, but I will get them to you as soon as I am able. 
  • Can I book you for half the time and half the images than the packages you have listed?
    No, my packages are based on my cost of doing business and are what they are listed at. These are my packages-
  • What is involved to book a session?
    You will sign a contract and pay a retainer fee. Then I will pencil you in for your mutually agreed on date.
  • Do I get all the images from the session?
    No, you get the image count promised in the package you booked. You have the option to purchase additional edited images if you would like.
  • Can I have the unedited images/ could I purchase additional images that aren't edited for a cheaper price?
    No, I do not sell or give any unedited images. I do not give unedited images for several reasons. The main reason being to have a consistent look and style for my brand. If someone see's an unedited image by me mixed in with edited images they won't know what to expect when booking me. It's to have consistency in style and brand.